Topics to be covered


 Current trends on 


 Spectrochemical, Electrochemical, Chromatographic, Microscopic and Thermal analysis methods 

 Hyphenated techniques 

 Speciation analysis 


 Trends on sample handling and preparation 

 Chemical and bio-sensors 

 Field analysis-Mobile analytical instruments 

 Laboratory information management systems (LIMS) 

 Miniaturized analytical systems (chips) 

 Robotics and Automation 

 Quality control-quality assurance on analysis 

 Commercial developments and markets 

 Flow and micro-flow methodologies 


 Electrophoretic separation techniques 

 Sampling techniques and strategies 




Food Analysis

• Environmental analysis

 Biomedical (Clinical, Ecotoxicological) analysis 

 Pharmaceutical analysis 

 Material science (Nanomaterials) 

 Archaeometry analysis 

 Industrial analysis 


Contributions from commercial organizations, including detailed descriptions of 


 New instrumentation 

 Specific applications 

 Assessment of future commercial trends and opportunities